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3 Reasons Millennial Realtors Rock

Today we're going to talk about the three reasons that you should be working with millennial realtor when you are buying or selling a home.

1) It's the Age of Technology

This is the age that we millennials were born into. There are so many tools a realtor can put to work for you - from the MLS to social media to the Matrix (it sounds like the movie but that's the realtor side of You've got to work with somebody who can work all of the tools and the apps to make sure that you were set up in the best possible situation.

Being born in the age of technology and having used technology is a great advantage for you when you are working with a millennial realtor.

2) It's the Age of Social Media That's where a lot of you have found me! When I when I signed up for Facebook with within its first couple of years of inception was when you still needed a college email address to even sign up for Facebook. This is what millennial realtors know - this is what we do!

Not only do I know how to use it for personal business but I have helped people selling homes bring in thousands of views from people who are interested in seeing their home through Facebook Advertising. Those views turn into conversations... and those conversations turn into showings... and those showings turn into sold homes!

So not only am I putting it on HAR like everybody else can... but you know how you visit a website and then you come back to Facebook and it's there advertising in your newsfeed? I know how to do that for your home so if someone checks out your home and then they go back to Facebook... I know how to put your home in front of them again because you know what they just might need a second look!

The second reason that you need to work with a millennial realtor is that we know how to use social media to your advantage.

3) We ARE the Home Buying Demographic!

The third reason that you should work with a millennial realtor actually has nothing to do with social media... it has to do with our age.

Did you know that the average age of the first-time homebuyer in the United States right now is 32? That is smack dab in the middle age range of of the Millennials! By working with a millennial realtor, you are working with someone who understands (whether you're buying a home or you're selling a home), you are working with someone who understands most people first homes are bought by first-time homebuyers in the millennial demographic.

By working with a millennial who is in the same age bracket as someone who is likely to buy your home, we know how to market it to the people who are like us, who are looking for what we're looking for. What better way to market your home than to work with a realtor who knows possibly you're home's buying demographic inside and out.

Technology. Social Media. Home Buying Demographics.

Those are the three reasons millennial realtors rock!

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